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WHAT’S LEFT: 'Shifts and changes in one go’.
Liat Waysbort
A work inspired by a personal change of status, views and attachments to life. Since giving birth to twins Liat Waysbort is driven to re evaluate the world around her and looks into what is needed now. We live in times of ‘crises’. Is it really? What is left for us? Can we communicate images of joy? Playfulness? Should we yet demonstrate something meaningful? Should we entertain? Can we find the coexistence of the two? (Should we bridge right and left?)
Liat Waysbort wants to go back to the urge to connect to one another, by looking at the natural way through which kids discover the world, discover physicality, discover borders, search for closeness and intimacy. She wishes to use the projection of our personal resources, private stories and the possibility we have to be attached to one another with its difficulty, fear, beauty and strength.
Liat Waysbort is looking for 4 professional dancers and 1 apprentice. Dancers, who can be committed to a demanding process, with strong technical training mainly in contemporary but also in ballet. Performers, who are interested in taking active part in the creation and feel mature to reflect on the work within the process.
Apply before May 21st by sending your resume with photograph to: productie@dansateliers.nl
Audition only by invitation on May 26th & 27th – Dansateliers Rotterdam.
Rehearsal period: October 15th - December 8 th 2012

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