Dansateliers offers the possibility for emerging dance makers to research and investigate ideas, concepts, (movement)principals, contexts and the use of dance languages in the search for their artistic identity and specific signature as the author of an artwork in order to position themselves in the field. Becoming an independent artist, with a sustaining career requires multiple skills, qualities and insights, which are developed over longer trajectories. Our coaching and support is provided on an artistic, dramaturgical and organizational level. Every dance artist who works under our umbrella is actively seeking to push boundaries, to turn existing forms inside out and to find or pass the edges of the discipline. Projects are designed tailor made and in different formats. Activities include professional classes, workshops and encounters with (potential) audiences through movement classes, workshops, discussions and open rehearsals. All projects are presented; in the studio, in theatres, site specific or in other spaces. 

Dialogue, sharing and exchange are an essential part of our working method, not only in how we work with our artists, but also when connecting to other organisations or networks. We operate both nationally and internationally. 

Dansateliers was founded by Amy Gale in 1993 and has produced and promoted several generations of dance artists ensuring an ongoing nurturing of the national and international contemporary dance field.
Dansateliers is subsidized structurally by the City Council, Department Arts and Culture, of Rotterdam.