Let's talk about dance: Love-ism

21 June
Frascati, Nes 63

'Love-ism' (www.love-ism.nl) is a project of Mor Shani inspired by
Erich Fromm's, 'The Art of Loving'. The work deals with love,
intimacy, trust and engagement.
'Let's talk about dance: Love-ism' is a meeting around this work
moderated by Bram Vreeswijk. An evening with video-fragments of
interviews with Mor and other participants, a scene from the
performance, and the possibility to share your own experiences and as
such become part of an ongoing conversation.

With this program ICKamsterdam introduces their new line of research
in dance, focussing on physical experiences, ways of articulating
experiences in 'meetings' and the documentation of these meetings
online. This research addresses the experiences of dancers,
choreographers, professionals from other fields, and audiences. Since
every-body, has a body that experiences, the research will be
accessible (and aims to be relevant) for a broad public.

Language: English

21 june, 20.00 – 22.00
Theatre Frascati, Nes 63

The program is free but you need to reserve a place.

Mention 'Let's talk about dance' in the subject line, and tell with
how many people you want to come.

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